WFM Group Services

STEP 3 Return on Investment


As the owner, you can now earn and save with your investment property in the short-term rental market and expect from us to go above and beyond, providing you with additional services to achieve full transparency and to assist you with the more technical aspects of property rental.

wfmgroup_bullet pointAccount: Hand-in-hand with expert industry guidance from professionals in the short-stay industry, we offer additional services to promote full transparency and further insights into how we conduct business.

wfmgroup_bullet pointMonthly Newsletters- This new initiative is a popular form of communication among property owners. Our monthly virtual newsletters cover current industry trends, occupancy rates, marketing strategies and new developments keeping you in the loop.

wfmgroup_bullet pointMonthly reporting- Comprehensive reports are issued each month covering income and expenses.

wfmgroup_bullet pointYearly Tax Reports- Finalized reports are prepared and distributed to you, ready to give to your accountant.

wfmgroup_bullet pointEarn: Effortless earning potential that can offer you higher returns. Our current records demonstrate owner’s receiving more than 30% more than if the property was leased with a real estate agent.

wfmgroup_bullet pointSave: You can save on effort, time and money knowing that we have everything covered and you have the flexibility and freedom to stay in your property whenever you want! The Self-managed booking system for owners allows easy access to view your property occupancy and book yourself in for when you travel to Melbourne next!