WFM Group Services

STEP 1 Short-Term Rental Market Preparation


Traditionally, your only option to secure a return on your investment property was to place it in the hands of a real estate agent to lease to a long-term tenant.

With WFM Group your Melbourne investment apartment is set up for the purpose of short-term rental options, which not only offers a potentially higher return but allows you the flexibility  to stay in your apartment as often as you like! Do you already own an investment property or are looking to enter the market? Do you live interstate or overseas and need a base in Melbourne? Maybe you live in the country and wish to use your apartment for Melbourne city holidays a few times a year?

If you are considering short-term stays for your investment property, WFM group have you covered. Preparing your property for the short-term rental market has never been easier. We offer one-on-one experienced industry guidance and on-going management services from the initial set-up of your apartment through to advertising, guest experience management and housekeeping.  We tailor a plan to prepare your property for successful short-term rental.

If you believe your apartment may be suitable for short-term/long-term rental, please send photographs and the address of the apartment to   We do focus on Inner City Melbourne and the Docklands area however we are not limited, so we encourage you to get in touch with us.

Once we have determine that your property is a great fit for the short-term rental market we can begin the process of increasing your rental yield.

wfmgroup_bullet point  Meet: We would love to meet with you and talk you through current information on the short-term rental market and international and national tourism industry trends, with a focus on Melbourne and your personal requirements as a property owner.

wfmgroup_bullet point  Inspect: We undertake a site inspection and ensure the apartment is ‘easy to use’. Professional profiling includes the creation of instruction manuals and compendiums specifically tailored to the property, high-resolution professional photography and a floor plan design. We also ensure you have the correct insurance requirements.

wfmgroup_bullet point  Equip: We assist in the design, furnishing and interior styling to a four-star equivalent standard, equipping your property with necessary amenities, fixtures and fittings required for the sharing economy.


Once your property is guest ready we continue the management service through Step 2!