3 Steps to Short Stay Property Management

STEP 1 Short-Term Rental Market Preparation

Traditionally, your only option to secure a return on your investment property was to place it in the hands of a real estate agent to lease to a long-term tenant. With WFM Group your Melbourne investment apartment is set up for the purpose of short-term rental options, which not only[…]

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STEP 2 Property Management Services

Once your property is set up for short stays, WFM Group’s hands-on property management service ensures you make the most of your investment. You do not need to worry about any aspect of the property management process. Our property management services help you to:  Market: Our long-standing relationships with established[…]

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STEP 3 Return on Investment

As the owner, you can now earn and save with your investment property in the short-term rental market and expect from us to go above and beyond, providing you with additional services to achieve full transparency and to assist you with the more technical aspects of property rental. Account: Hand-in-hand[…]

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